Be Safe, Be Careful, I Love You is an audio and video representation of familial loss. The audio, grounded by a collection of recorded phone calls, is complemented by, and at times, in conflict with synthesizers and vocalists. Masked figures are used to explore the behavioral patterns of a family during a period of grief. Several visual motifs, including an ever present white column and bleak color palettes, investigate familial instability and the temporal reverberation of trauma.

Director: Marcel Hones

Producer: Marcel Hones

Associate Producer: Amanda Stagg

Camera/Editor: Marcel Hones

Original Score: Amanda Stagg

Actors: Alexander Bayles, Patricius Carlsen, Solveig Gordon, Ella Paine, Leah Ramsey, Aidan Schoff

Extras: Maren Assef, Linnea Cheek, Lauren Dahl, Meredith Enerson, Patrick Holzman, Megan Kartheiser, Colin Kolasny, Anna Leikvold, Addie Poore, Kevin Pérez, Amy Requa, Sarah Rodman, Harry Sullivan, Tyler Zitzewitz

Finished: 2021